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Eighth China (Chongqing) construction of the opening of Expo 19 this month

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To "low-carbon, green, energy-saving" as the theme of the eighth BM China 2011 China (Chongqing), and green building materials architectural Fair (: Chongqing Construction Expo) will be May 19 in Chongqing Chenjiaping Exhibition Centre ( High-tech Zone) Opening the show is approaching the end of 21 for 3 days. Concurrent Event: Fifth West China Construction Technology Exhibition, 2011 China (Chongqing) stone products and stone conservation exhibition. With the advantage of brand and industry, after a short period of several years of development, the current construction of a new high-scale Fair, a city with international influence, the building materials industry exhibition.

The fair is from the Construction Industry Association in Chongqing, the Chongqing Municipal Federation of Industry (the Chamber) Chamber of Commerce building, Chongqing Borui De Exhibition Company and other units jointly. The "quality of service architecture" for the idea, set construction and home decoration in one, into building products and design services in one place, building design, material selection, construction-stop service platform.

It is reported that, ecology, energy saving, high-tech products as a major highlight of the show. Exhibitors will display the new environmentally friendly low-carbon spring products, including building materials, bathroom, kitchen, sanitary ware, stone, window curtain, design, smart home, HVAC, building energy, concrete and basket.

Fire Lee is the Electric Company, bring their brand of heating in Europe, "Hali Shi" appearance. Chen will be presenting all seven "zero" formaldehyde "Sanofi Bor" board. Eco wall material "Ten Chart diatom mud" so that the general public to experience the "breathing wall." Op lighting will be released at the scene, home lighting and professional lighting a variety of series of new products, so that people can feel the energy efficient, comfortable lighting products. A large number in the field of decorative materials, can be booked, and can enjoy more discount.

Jinan East Victoria Joint Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. solid wood doors to bring the latest equipment, "union" fast press, bright students will live demonstration of glass architectural glass processing machinery. For the doors and window curtain wall units the company provides more excellent equipment.

Stone Exhibition 2011 in Chongqing emerge, many well-known brands to power. Exhibition site, we can also see the stone and stone machinery products accounted for half of the exhibition, such as: Eurasian Yun Cheng, Hiromi Stone, strong stone, Jin Shiyuan, wishful-commerce and other famous enterprises and Bai industry machinery, Fuda Machinery, VIA machinery, machinery, stone machinery Yinhua brands focus on appearance.

Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council will be held at the same May 20 Seismic damping product launches and business matching activities, the majority of construction enterprises and industries to be free to attend.

For more information please visit official show website:

Organizing Committee Hotline: (023) 62925058 / 86393228