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The 25th Exhibition of Australian building materials rose sharply perfect ending turnover

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The 25th Australian International Building Materials Fair (Design Build, hereinafter referred to as the Australian Building Materials Fair) in May 13, 2011 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, a perfect ending. Year term of the Australian Building Materials Exhibition began in 1987, now has 23 years of history, the exhibition by the Australian government, state government, building associations, architects association, Stone Consultants Association and the Association of Australian administrative departments at all levels organizational support. Australian building materials exhibition in Sydney and Melbourne held alternately between the two cities, Australia and even Oceania, Pan-Pacific region's largest integrated building materials exhibition for exhibitors to provide a very attractive market to open in Australia and international channels. This exhibition there from Australia, China, the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Malaysia, India and other countries and regions more than 400 exhibiting companies. Among them, the China Pavilion exhibitors more than 50, received from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries, nearly 2,000 customers, trade turnover of more than 8 million U.S. dollars, turnover intention of hundred million dollars, traded commodities, including aluminum profiles, stone, insulation materials, windows, hardware, solar energy, ceramics, sanitary ware, flooring and so on.

In recent years, to participate in the Australian building materials exhibition and show the number of Chinese enterprises showed a sharp rise in turnover trend. In this example, the number of exhibitors from China, the last of more than 33 to 50, show turnover from the previous close to $ 6,500,000 this year jumped to over 800 million, growth rate of 23%. This shows that the Australian building materials market in attracting more and more Chinese enterprises concerned, but also provides a real opportunity to make money.

As one of Western developed countries, Australia, has been a great demand for building materials home country. Australian residents in higher income and living standards, the middle class accounted for the total population of China 3 / 5, for high quality, comfortable home life with typical needs. Australian residents will each move a home for large-scale indoor and outdoor decoration, and even from time to time will be through the replacement of wallpaper, paint brush, for carpet or wood floor resurfacing, replacement of a large number of household goods repairing jewelry, make the family a new look to The home to meet the requirements of comfort and aesthetics. Statistics show that Australia's terms of annual per capita household decoration spending up to $ 810, even more than the United States, while ranking second in the world of the Chinese GDP is only 26 dollars.

Australia is recognized as the financial crisis from the developed countries to recover the fastest, the layout has brought good economic stability and sustainable growth ability, and to preserve and increase the dollar as the currency of the world's most species. Domestic good economic environment and a huge consumer demand that the Australian market doing my home building materials enterprises in China become the battleground.

In recent years, China and Australia established a building materials are important commodities trading partnership. Overall, Chinese exports to Australia, home building materials occupy the dominant position. China's stone, architectural ceramics, architectural hardware production has ranked first in the world, home building products exports increased year by year, into the Australian market with a competitive one. However, a single business model has become too corporate occupation of the Australian market share constraints.

Direct in Australia launched the current home building materials enterprises in China, basic to the creation of "ground floor" mode of operation. Foreign markets, "ground floor" business, site selection, logistics, labor, security, storage, finance, tax and legal advice is difficult, investment costs and publicity costs very high. Particular site on the market and the environment are not familiar to the enterprise brought great risk location, once the errors of all inputs will come to naught. And alone in the "ground floor" model lack of market cohesion, can not form a cluster size of purchase and guide the flow. This defect was restricted pass sales and improve brand awareness, high operating costs is not conducive to expansion of marketing network and channel structures. Therefore, in the current exhibition on building materials in Australia, there are Chinese exhibitors said that although the show can be a domestic enterprise to provide them with communication and cooperation opportunities and exchanges with counterparts in other countries learning platform, has also brought gains from trade, but after a short time, continuity is limited. To better develop the Australian market, expand business scale, with competitors from around the world grab "cake", Chinese enterprises still have to play "Baotuan sea," the spirit of joint operations, a similar type of home building materials China town in the birth of China Mall it is particularly necessary.

Existing market and opportunities for Australian trade, the City of Sydney local building materials for the active home market, rich building materials home products, the introduction of high-quality brands of home building materials in China, and China Foreign Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong and other departments together to jointly promote home building materials companies named China (Australia) Marketing Center (Merlion Factory Centre, referred to as MFC) project. Ding Yu of the project by the Guangdong Investment Ltd. and Australia's largest commercial real estate companies to invest and develop GOODMAN Group, will be built into the current Australian home building materials enterprises in China the only gathering place, is also the home of Australia's largest building materials and radiation physical stores the entire South Pacific region's only high-end brands of Chinese building materials home center. At present, the preparatory phase of the project is in full swing, and soon will officially launch the investment.

"Twelfth Five-Year" period, China's Government strongly support and encourage private enterprises, "the sea", and has repeatedly stressed that "overseas investment, private enterprises should be state-owned enterprises 'information sharing, joint operations'." Home building materials enterprises in China (Australia) Marketing Center (Merlion Factory Centre, referred to as MFC) seize the opportunity to do embrace the Australian market and regional advantages, not only received the official support of Australia and Australia's native large group with the cooperation of the project operations more professional, more fit market demand, business investment will minimize the risk. MFC project started, building materials enterprises in China will set off a new wave of investment Baotuan sea.