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Cabinet formally implemented the new standard in June manufacturers secure the interests of consumers

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June 1, the formal implementation of the cabinet industry standards. It is understood that the standard of quality sheet metal cabinets, sheet thickness, height and position tolerances cabinet has made clear in various provisions. For the first time will involve human caring, green, formaldehyde content, and user mode of operation and many other aspects of being incorporated into standards.

All along, the cabinet industry is considered to be a lack of standard industry pricing non-standard, non-standard production technology, and the resulting disputes and problems arising from the industry for all to see, and for the imminent implementation of the cabinet manufacturing national standard, industry, And how about the views of consumers?

In a building materials market, the reporter consulted a number of cabinet sales staff about the problem of cabinet manufacturing standards, whether their country cabinet manufacturing standards and knowledge, but they all claim to own cabinet manufacturing are in accordance with enterprise standards, and the emphasis on corporate standards Certainly higher than the national standard. When they learned about the purposes of national production standard cabinets, they have indicated little effect on their own, but will protect the interests of their regular factory.

Some consumers said the introduction of standards will make the market less and less unqualified cabinet products, product quality and meet consumer disputes will be "law" to follow, can effectively reduce the passing of things happen, so more Conducive to protecting the interests of consumers.

Introduction of national standards for the cabinet, a cabinet company said, after most of the cabinet in accordance with the production of standard furniture production standards to implement, because the cabinet is customized non-standard products, so that each enterprise has its own standard, this state alone Issued for the cabinet industry production standards, indicating that a number of workshop-style cabinet manufacturers enterprise standards fall far short of environmental protection, quality and other requirements, and for the regular manufacturer, this is obviously a good news.

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