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Water into the sanitary industry buzzword, industry associations, leadership highlights

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Million water-saving, Ma rushed


- 2011 sanitary ware products in China, started the evaluation activities


In response to the call of the national energy saving, practice the scientific concept of development, promoting China's national sanitary ware industry, sustainable development, organized by the China Building Decoration Association, China Building Decoration Association Engineering Committee kitchen contractor, the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and sanitary ceramics technical support center in 2011, "China's sanitary ware (toilets, faucets) product evaluation" activities, this year March 30-June 30 held. It is reported that this year's evaluation and award of work in 2009 and 2010 based on the work, extensively solicit opinions industries and enterprises, to further improve the evaluation of programs, in particular assessment product range will expand to the bathroom area, and this will produce in China sanitary industry's most prestigious award the "Golden Toilet Award" upgrade to a more comprehensive "Golden Dragon Horse Awards."


Product evaluation activities during the year of "service enterprises, and promote self-discipline, guide consumption, build a water-saving society" for work purposes, to "fair, just, open and promote China's sanitary ware (toilets, faucets) Industry Technology Innovation" working principles, the technical evaluation through professional, cost-effective to promote consumer products. By then, the survey results not only in real estate, industry, decoration industry and the authority of the media publicity, will continue in the "China Building Decoration hundred," China Business Summit for the best decorated business conduct special promotion. It is reported that the evaluation standards of this event will give priority to short-listed companies, "the Chinese kitchen hundred," the candidate, and edit in the "sanitary ware of Decoration Procurement List", for the Party, provided design and construction selection reference.


In addition, this activity also increased media publicity, inviting well-known to the Chinese kitchen crew team produced three decades of development the industry as the theme of the series feature documentary, in the First Financial, Guangdong TV, Ningxia and other provincial satellite TV in succession broadcast at the same time, the Internet and buy among the most fiery combination of sanitary ware industry in China to build biggest ever interactive operation of the public, for the PARTICIPATING companies to create more opportunities for interaction with the public to further encourage enterprises to promote and market the brand development, demonstrating the excellent brand image.

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